1,000 Miles Ran, a few lessons learned

#1: Running IS NOT FUN

I thought running would be like a Nike commercial on replay…

#2: Goals > Resolutions

If you set a resolution like “I’m going to run five days a week”, what happens if you mess up on week two? You already lost. Why keep going?

#3: Steady Progress > Feats of Strength

On my Nike-ad days, I put in 8 miles. But these were typically followed by a couple days off – a daily average of ~2.5 miles/day.

One more thing

Viewing progress in different formats impacted my motivation to hit the goal. Here’s the main chart I used to track progress – it shows how far ahead or behind I was for each day of the year:

“How far ahead/behind am I for this day of the year?”
“How much have I accomplished year to date?”

Other Tips

A few other things that helped hit the goal:

  1. Get a running start. In December of last year, I did some running to get a feel for my pace and make sure this was something I wanted to commit to.
  2. Develop some rules. In my case, miles only counted if they were at 8 min/mile or better. Figure out the right rules so you can’t cheat.
  3. Tracking is key. I used Runtastic (outdoor) or a quick picture of the treadmill (indoor) then tracked miles in this spreadsheet.



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